Born and raised in Medford, OR, Lupus is an up and coming hip-hop talent local to the Southern Oregon region. Lupus strives hard to create the best art possible while attempting to perfect multiple aspects of songwriting and hip-hop technical skills such as rhyme schemes and flow. More than that, Lupus is on a mission to bring a level of awareness to certain world/social issues while also remaining entertaining and the opposite of preachy. The sound could be defined as secular hip-hop with various vibes from different sub-styles of rap.

At this time Lupus is working on his first release, a collective of tracks as a mixtape called Young Wolf, Big Prey. The sound of these tracks has been noted as sounding experimental, yet refined in different aspects as more experience comes with being a recording artist. Shows become increasingly common as his reach expands with a focus on Southern Oregon. Lupus is currently unsigned, yet representing local movement Demi-God RecordZ. Commonly affiliated acts include G-go, Ravyen, and Josia.